Olympia Local Businesses

Find out what’s happening in the local business scene and meet the people that make it happen.

Kitzel’s Deli in Olympia Brings Conversation (and Knish) to Downtown

Kitzel's Deli in Olympia - Opening December 2011 in Downtown

Standing in front of Hava Aviv I can sense that I am in the presence of a very bold, ambitious …

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When looking for toys in Olympia, chances are you’ll Wind Up Here

Front 1

It is virtually impossible to walk into Wind Up Here without feeling the corners of your mouth curl up into …

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Olympia Coffee Roasters: The difference between direct trade and fair trade

Olympia Coffee Roasters

Oliver (left) and Sam (right) started as baristas. But now they are the proud owners of Olympia Coffee Roasters. And they …

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Dumpster Values – Delivering Value

Dumpster Values

Don’t let the name full you, Olympia’s Dumpster Values is more than just another second hand clothing store. Located on …

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Rainy Day Record Co.: Since 1973

Rainy Day 4

When I was a boy, Saturday mornings were special. My grandfather and I would landscape half a block of residential …

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Invictus Cafe: A new beginning brings hope for the future

Invictus.cafe .living.in .olympia

For 23 years it was the Java Flow Café. But when Dale and Cheri rescued it last November they changed …

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9 Tips for Winning the Interview


A friend called and asked if I could give him some tips on preparing for his upcoming interview; finding a …

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Caffe Vita in Downtown Olympia

Caffe Vita

We Olympians love our coffee, around here there are dozens of local establishments where one can find amazing blends of …

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