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Erin Girl Zombie!

Born in Southern California, a somewhat recent transplant to Olympia (she and her husband moved here five years ago) Erin Taylor is a small business owner. She’s a perfect anomaly of beauty and creepy…so what better way to get into the Halloween spirit then to learn more about this fabulous woman. All photos are part of a Tall Boots Photoshoot at Tumwater Brewery. Erin made her hair piece, necklace and fabulous bag from vintage and found objects! To view all photos from the photoshoot visit our facebook page

Tell us about yourself:

“I’m a very creative person-I am inspired by classic horror movies, like Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Wolf Man—I just adore the universal monsters. I also love pinup/rockabilly/psychobilly, retro and vintage. I enjoy being both the dark and the light. I love vampires, graveyards, dead trees, crows, spider webs, coffins and zombies, but at the same time I love the innocence of the 1950s and vintage shopping is my favorite. I read every vampire book I can get my hands on and watch every horror movie, especially if there are zombies!”

What was your first tattoo?

“My first tattoo, now that’s a funny story! I was with my cousin at a tattoo convention and decided to take the plunge. We came across a guy named Wolf who said he could tattoo immediately—I literally jumped in the chair! While he’s getting ready, his buddy keeps telling him that he should go to the hospital, so of course I ask, “Whats wrong?” He shows me his leg, which has swollen up to twice the size of a normal leg and tells me he got bit by a spider that morning! I ask him, “Don’t you want to go to the hospital?” He says, “Naw, I’ll do your tattoo, then go.” I ended up getting a Japanese symbol on my shoulder blade that means peace.”

What is your favorite thing about Olympia?

“The people! Everybody is super nice and way more laid back than California.”

What’s your favorite holiday?

“Well, if you haven’t already guessed my favorite holiday, it’s Halloween! I wait for it all year long…the weather, the leaves changing colors, the smells of pumpkin pie, and of course all the creepy goodies for sale in all the stores!”

What philosophy do you live by when you create?

“Without question, the number one question I always ask myself is, ‘Would I wear it?’ I make things that I like and hope that other people will like them too. I’m a hair stylist so that helps guide my creations as well. And I always use the best materials I can find.”

What does it mean to you to be a small business owner?

“Running a small business means the world to me. It gives me a place to share my creations with the world, and when someone likes them, I can’t even explain that feeling of joy. I really do have the coolest customers! I don’t feel right when I’m not creating something or when I don’t have art in my life. If you’re a horror movie nerd like me, then come get creeped out in my shop!”

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