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Rainy Day 4

Rainy Day Record Co.: Since 1973

When I was a boy, Saturday mornings were special. My grandfather and I would landscape half a block of residential property, my intense seasonal allergies preventing me from enjoying any part of the task at hand, but afterwards we’d go into the family room and listen to his old 45 collection.

Growing up in the early 80’s I’d never heard music like that before – the 80’s was saturated with lots of synthesize music….sound familiar? My grandfather had a reasonably broad selection of music: rock, gospel, reggae, R&B, comedy, and jazz – all balanced delicately on the crackle and pop of cared-for vinyl. On those weekends, I developed my knowledge of pollen and music; the records would forever have a lasting effect on me.

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The first time I walked into Rainy Day Record Co. it was like stepping back into our family room ten times over – the place is huge! They have a large selection of great music, making it the perfect mid-week getaway for the local vinyl record collector or seller. You can find a lot more than new and used vinyl records at the store – stop in and browse their epic video collection, pro-skateboards, and urban apparel.

The thing that keeps me going back to Rainy Day Records’ is the 98¢ used record bin. I’ve come across several high quality original pressings in excellent shape  – you can often find me seated in the middle of an isle surrounded by a stack of records. I take my time, using my fingers to walk through the rows of records, you never know what you’re gonna find – a classic Elton John, a pristine CCR, or a “Let it Be” well suited for a mint to fair 98¢ buy. For me its classic rock and smooth R&B, every now and then some iconic albums off the beaten path but nothing out of the ordinary.

If your record collecting days are over – take your used and not so used vinyl to Rainy Day Record Co. and see Manager Adam Hardaway and staff. Rainy Day Record Co. is located on the corner of 5th and Franklin in Downtown Olympia.



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  1. JaysonkinseyJaysonkinsey11-13-2011

    Bobby! Great write up! Great to see you doing stuff like this man, its great to have a positive role model in the WA like you. For real.

    • Robert HumesRobert Humes11-13-2011

      Thanks Jason! We’ve got more to come. Add us to your favorites and tell us what kind of stories you’d like to see.

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