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Dumpster Values

Dumpster Values – Delivering Value

Don’t let the name full you, Olympia’s Dumpster Values is more than just another second hand clothing store. Located on the corner of 4th Ave. and Franklin, the new location is host to several local businesses, NPOs, and Olympia creatives. Founded by Dumpster Values in Olympia WAKanako Wynkoop in 1996, Dumpster Values has grown to become a collective of bands, artists, advocates, and savvy shoppers.

“What’s cool about Dumpster Values is that its mostly all women run, owned and operated. We support three non-profits: EGYHOP, which provides support to homeless youths, Bike & Bike a free bike shop for low income people to get bikes and learn how to build bikes, and we also have Books to Prisoners which is supported by the dollar bin” [sic], says manager Sarah Adams. Everything in Dumpster Values’ dollar bin is one dollar, but the store provides support to homeless and struggling customers allowing them to take what they need from the Dollar Bin section at no cost.

Sarah continues, “We have artist studios upstairs, two bands practice here, and two record labels operate out of the upstairs office space. Phantom City Records, which has been kind of our brother store for a long time, shares a space with us as they did in our last location, and in the back is Funk Fuzz – another record shop”. Cooperative, caring and community focused, Dumpster Values is my new favorite Olympia shop spot. Stop in get ready for Halloween or finish out that back to school/fall-winter shopping list – enjoy their great selection of this year’s popular vintage outerwear and accessories at great prices. But hurry, Sarah warned me of the impending coat rush!

When asked about the business focus of Dumpster Values, Sarah replies without hesitation, “Its a big organism of lots of people and organizations and so it kind of functions as a community center and it has always functioned as a community center. That’s the focus of the work, so its not so much about capitalism but more about community”[sic]. While many businesses struggle to keep pace in today’s gloomy economy, things at Dumpster Values seem sunny on all fronts. With a rock showcase in early October, customers in and out of dressing rooms, bicyclist working hard on their gear, and shoppe owners serving their customers – Dumpster Values’ is an Olympia treasure you owe it to yourself to visit. Enjoy!



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