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Why Olympians should feel safe drinking straight from the tap

I’ll admit it. Sometimes I buy a bottle of water. It’s not often, but every once in awhile I’ll be out and about, I won’t have my refillable bottle, and I’ll do it. I will waste (yes, I mean waste) $1 (or more!) on water in a plastic bottle.

This is terrible on so many levels, I agree. And that’s why I’m going to be better. I am going to carry my reusable water bottle everywhere and feel confident filling it up in any water-giving location.


Because the City of Olympia time and time again exceeds the Federal Standards for water quality. View the 2011 Water Quality Test Results >>

This may not be news to you but it’s something I think all Olympians should be proud of. Our water is clean and comes from freshwater springs right in our own backyards. Learn more about where our drinking water comes from >>

And, in case you needed more motivation to quit buying bottled water. Check out this video >>  Ugh! I’m never buying another plastic bottle again!



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