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9 Tips for Winning the Interview

A friend called and asked if I could give him some tips on preparing for his upcoming interview; finding a job can be tough – how could I say no? I thought I’d share my list with our readers. Perhaps it may help you or someone you know. A key piece of advice I would like to offer is to use as many career search resources as possible – particularly the free ones. Its tough to capture all the career opportunities out there. Maximize your job search by partnering with professional staffing services like Kelly Services in Olympia, their workforce management functions give job seekers a leg up in this tough economy.:

1Study the Organization…if you can, see how your target position fits into the greater machine of the organization. Prepare some organization specific questions (2-3 open ended) and show you’ve done your homework.

2Be prepared to give detailed examples of your skills; I’m referring to both behavioral and knowledge, skill, and ability specific questions.

3Study your resume…..know it like the back of your hand…this, young grasshopper, is critical.

4 Be cognizant of your appearance; but be yourself. Study the culture…dress appropriately. Remember, the interview is also a chance to make sure this organization is a good place for you as well.

5Know what interview questions are illegal….its always good to know how to respond in these situations [regardless of your cultural identity]. Google: Title VII, Employment Discrimination, Reverse Discrimination, Illegal Employment Questions, etc.

6 Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself – that’s what you’re in the interview for. Ready yourself with an arsenal of examples on how you best meet the requirements of the job. (See tip #1)

7 Interviewing is an art…like ping pong….keep the volley going – the conversation I mean. Watch your interviewers’ body language….are they sitting up listening to your every word? Or are they slumped back in their chairs with their arms folded?  Build rapport, crack a smile….be yourself…you’ve got this.

8 Wake up early, have a healthy breakfast, play your favorite music (I’ve learned earphones do wonders for the R.E.M. cycle of your spouse), look yourself in the mirror and imagine your first day at your new job….see it? Go into your interview with this positive and results-oriented attitude.

9 You’re a professional, remember, there are no guarantees, but confidence is an odds builder. Speaking from experience.



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