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Going Out for Breakfast in Olympia?

I blame my lack of knowledge about good places to go for breakfast in Olympia on Cicada Restaurant. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke…

It isn’t often that I go out for breakfast. But when I do, there is little question in my mind about where to go. I will say though, I’m not your typical bacon, eggs, and pancakes kind of guy. If I’m going to leave my house for my morning meal you can bet I’m going to want something I couldn’t easily throw together on my own. And Cicada delivers when it comes to variety.

This morning I went with the Fried Shrimp Po Boy. Normal breakfast fare? No. Delicious? Absolutely. A French roll stuffed with breaded shrimp, fresh greens, red onion, tomato, and a remoulade that justified the trip all by itself. And while I like a little variety in my menu, my wife’s breakfast order is unwavering when we visit Cicada. Eggs Benedict might as well be the only item on the menu in her eyes. And like I said before, if it ain’t broke…

My only gripe? That there is never enough for me to bring home leftovers. It is the kind of place where I will clean my plate regardless of whether I am still hungry or not. It is nearly impossible to not finish every last bite.

A tip if you are going for the first time – make sure you check out the specials board right when you walk in the door. There are some unbelievable dishes available that aren’t on the regular menu. Though I’m quite sure there is nothing on the regular menu that would disappoint either!

Check them out on Facebook. Or better yet…check them out in person. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner except Sunday, when they only offer breakfast and lunch, and Monday when they are closed.

700 4th Ave E. in Downtown Olympia



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