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Caffe Vita

Caffe Vita in Downtown Olympia

We Olympians love our coffee, around here there are dozens of local establishments where one can find amazing blends of internationally brewed coffee. Caffe Vita is one of the best. This downtown jewel is an eclectic place – there’s no doubt about that. And in a city where being eclectic is what pays the bills, Caffe Vita provides an effortlessly raw urban atmosphere that is as appealing to the soul as their delicious coffee is to the taste buds.

This has happened to me time and time again: I’m  downtown and in need cup of coffee that’s going to get me through the last leg of my day. With quality selection all around me, I usually follow my nose to a familiar place – insert Caffe Vita. I often find myself sitting in “The Vita” enjoying a cup of Tanzania Ruvuma, reading a book or enjoying conversation with a friend or colleague. Today, I sit near the large glass window facing 4th, its a gorgeous day in Olympia and the smell of Caffe Vita’s coffee has me hypnotized.

I was bold enough to bother a few Caffe Vita regulars as they enjoyed their coffee by asking: “Of all the great places in Olympia to score a cup of joe, why come to the Vita?” Their replys: “I come here to get artistic inspiration”, “It’s a great place to meet”, “Great place to have a first date”.  Caffe Vita caters to an artistic downtown community, and often shows their dedication to the arts with their wall space. In fact, some might say that this Seattle original is doing for coffee what Starbucks should have done all along – provide single origin coffee at an affordable price.

Caffe Vita in Olympia’s Downtown is one of nine Caffe Vita locations in the Pacific Northwest and is located on the corner of 4th and Washington in downtown. Just another reason we enjoy Living in Olympia.



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